For over 50 years we have been a leading manufacturer of hotel minibars, safes, marine refrigerators and wine-cellars.

About us

Innovation pushes us forward, care for the environment imposes technological rigour, listening to the customer allows us to provide high performance customized solutions. Uniting these values in a single mission is the unmistakable Italian know-how, which has always been a source of pride for us.

  • Compressor Minibars

    Compressor minibars are state-of-the-art, ultra-quiet, eco-friendly products with a contemporary design. Thanks to the latest high-performance compressors, cyclopentane insulation and cooling gas (R600a), our minibars are in the best energy efficiency classes on the market, guaranteeing excellent savings in terms of consumption.

  • Thermoelectric Minibars

    The simple efficiency of a complex technology. The thermoelectric system is nothing more than a heat pump capable of producing the cooling effect of compressor and absorption systems. The heat passes from one surface to another and then into the environment, ensuring silent operation and low environmental impact in terms of construction and consumption.

  • Absorption Minibars

    As quiet and cool as a snowfall. The absorption system produces noise-free cooling, making the minibar the perfect place to store a cool drink to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room.

  • Safes

    Infallible and reliable. Our hotel safes are designed for high security and elegant design. The display is user-friendly and easy to use. The range consists of two models with an innovative touch system and two lines of classic safes, which are also available with an electronic data download system.