The beauty of a journey where the climate is a choice.

About us

The coolness that caresses the skin on hot, muggy summer nights, the ritual of a cold drink always at hand and all the space you need to preserve food even in the most remote places. Indel B’s outdoor refrigeration products provide daily pleasures during motorhome or van adventures.

  • 12V Air Conditioners

    Revolution is in the air. The range of air conditioning systems for the road trip is synonymous with innovation, efficiency and practicality, with 12 V powered products designed to offer great flexibility and comfort especially in situations of limited space and poor accessibility to the traditional power supply.

  • Built-in Refrigerators

    Our outdoor refrigeration solutions have premium features: flexibility of installation, aesthetic integration of the refrigerator with the vehicle’s furniture, automatic door locking systems and great versatility in the configuration of shelves and bins in the interior cabinet.

  • Portable Refrigerators

    Whether it’s for a few hours out, an adventurous holiday or a garden party, OFF portable refrigerators and freezers by Indel B are the best solution for keeping food and drinks at the right temperature for every occasion.