The most prestigious manufacturers of commercial vehicles choose our mobile refrigeration technologies.

About us

Why? Because we know how to flexibly and efficiently fit into complex industrial processes while strictly adhering to the highest quality standards required by the industry. Continuous investment in research and development has enabled our products to anticipate and interpret our partners’ every need. Quality, customer focus and experience – take the long road to innovation with us.

  • 24V Air Conditioners

    Climate comfort even when the vehicle is not running. Highest customization and record-breaking energy efficiency. Our air conditioning solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of the automotive industry.

  • Truck Installation Refrigerators

    The installation refrigerators for commercial vehicles are made using the same components as the standard ones; they can be perfectly integrated into the vehicle cab and allow you to optimize and customize the available space efficiently.

  • Truck Portable Refrigerators

    Indel B offers practical portable refrigerators for transporting and preserving drinks, food, medicines and anything else the driver and passengers may need for all those commercial vehicles that do not have a refrigerator. The cold you need, at your fingertips.