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indel b Minibars, Accessories for the hotel room, Wine- cellars, Direct current fridges and parking air coolers


Indel B’s main focus is to produce and market refrigeration systems for the hospitality industry as well as for all means of transportation (air, sea and land).

Minibars and accessories for the hotel room and cruise ships, safe boxes and electronic door locks, DC mini fridges and air conditioning systems, TV sets and LED lighting, are the product ranges that propelled a well-rounded company to the highest level of international excellence.

In the hotel and interior design sector Indel B is the only producer offering mini bar fridges designed with three different refrigerant systems: the compressor mini bar; the absorption mini bar and finally the thermoelectric mini bar.

For the automotive and leisure time market, Indel B offers an ample range of portable and built-in mini fridge and DC air conditioners in order to satisfy all the customers requests in term of dimensions, finishes and use of the products. The use of Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressors, grants high quality, excellent performances and low consumption.



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