Car and commercial vehicle fridges IndelB
Indel B, leading company in the mobile refrigeration, has been cooperating for years with the most important truck and bus builders designing for them exclusive fridges. For the after-market and the leisure time market, Indel B offers two ample product ranges in order to satisfy all the customer’s requests in terms of dimensions, finishes and semplicity.
Hotel accessories IndelB
Indel B with minibars, LED TVs, Electronic Safes and Locks, is your hi-tech partner for the hotel room. The new technological products for the hotel sector guarantee a comfortable stay for guests, provide maximum security and, thanks to reduced consumption, represent a serious commitment to eco-sustainability.
Wine cooler and minibar IndelB
Indel B, with an experience of more than 40 years, offers to the market of Restaurant & Catering two product ranges born after a close working relationship between the company’s staff and the final client. For wine lovers, Indel B manufactures Wine Bar: a range of built-in or free standing wine cellars for both red and white wines. They are designed to fit in perfectly, whether the setting is classic or modern. FrigoLatte are the small refrigerators for coffee machine to properly preserve the milk
Truck air conditioning IndelB
Leisure Time sector is composed of Built-in fridges (OEM), Built-in and portable fridges (After market) for free time, and equipment for cabin cruiser yacht, such us Built in and portable fridges, water heaters, cooling units, ice makers and freezers (Indel Webasto Marine).
Custom Products
Indel B is able to evaluate and satisfy the particular needs of its clients in terms of design and functionality, realising highly personalised products.


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