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Indel B K EcoSmart models utilize the new energy efficient compressor cooling unit, a cyclopentane insulation and high efficient R600 refrigerant, to achieve power consumption of 0,12 Kwh per day. In addition, a space-age eutectic plate mounted in the rear of the unit provides over 12 hours of cooling without consuming additional electricity, once the target temperature has been reached. 

For these reasons K EcoSmart draws 83% less energy than the best typical absorption minibars available on the market, it is environment-care designed and at the same time it grants a significant economic saving.
K EcoSmart is the first minibar in A+++ energy efficiency class available on the market.

K40 EcoSmart is the first minibar in the world that simply detects the presence of the guest in the room and stops compressor operation. The compressor operation starts again when the guest goes our from the room.


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Technical data
Height 553 mm
Width 399 mm
Depth 470 mm
Product Class 40 lt
Voltage 115 or 230 V
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Power 75 W
Technology Compressor
Finishes Solid Door
Consumption 0,144 kWh/24h (230V - 50 Hz)


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