Indel B’s specialized team and manufacturing excellence result in products that strike the right balance between quality and affordability.

About us

For the home and Restaurant & Catering market, two product lines in synergy with leading companies in the sector. Discover the range of Wine-Cellars and FrigoLatte.

  • Wine-Cellars

    Indel B cellars combine technology and innovation with flexibility. The wide range of built-in and free-installation models is perfectly suited to classic and modern environments. Indel B has established partnerships with the most prestigious manufacturers of household appliances and responds to its partners’ every need in terms of design and functionality by creating highly customized wine-cellars. Built-in wine cellars can be inserted into modular kitchens, while free-installation wine-cellars have been increasingly used over the years not only in domestic environments, but also in restaurants, wine shops and various wine producers’ showrooms.

  • Frigo Milk

    FrigoLatte is the result of a long-standing collaboration with leading coffee machine manufacturers: a range of small built-in or free-installation fridges for milk storage, designed to be installed next to coffee machines. FrigoLatte, with electronic or mechanical thermostat, fall-front or front opening door, are also available on request in the free-installation version with the compressor unit cover at the back.