The evolution of Plein-Aircon conquers the Caravan Salon 2023

Among the innovations revealed in an exclusive preview on the occasion of the largest and most important European event in the sector, Indel B has introduced its further step in the revolution of the 12V outdoor world. The iconic Plein-Aircon by OFF by Indel B in fact goes even further: the first 12V air conditioner for campervans and semi-integrated powered by an auxiliary battery alone evolves into two models with unique characteristics. Two different diffusers that respond to different functional, aesthetic and structural needs. Two solutions that allow every traveler to explore their own personal experience en plein air, without formal constraints or pre-defined paths: Plein-Aircon 12V RINGLIGHT and Plein-Aircon 12V LIGHTBOX translate OFF’s experience and desire for off-road freedom in new ways of use and new features.

The new Plein-Aircon 12V, revisited with a new design and totally Made in Italy, reach full efficiency and practicality thanks to the new configuration of the fins. The precision and directional flexibility of the air, in fact, is optimized allowing even vertical distribution. RINGLIGHT is equipped with a customizable panel and a white or blue perimeter LED light. Customization allows multiple finishes, fabrics and adhesives to be applied to the panel surface, integrating the Plein-Aircon with the style of the vehicle’s interior. LIGHTBOX, specially designed to restore the natural light of the porthole, radiates and diffuses a white or blue light, the latter ideal for night driving.

The biggest revolution of the new Plein-Aircons lies in the functions managed by an app with dual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The app makes interaction with the product intelligent, simple and intuitive: in addition to classic manual operation, Indel B’s innovative Pre-Adaptive technology adapts the operation of the air conditioner by learning from the user’s habits and optimizes performance in relation to weather conditions of the current location or predicting those of a set future destination. Furthermore, with the app it is possible to receive information for diagnostics and assistance.

The Caravan Salon 2023, as well as a stage from which to launch this extraordinary innovation, represented a milestone on an experiential level: for the first time in the history of Plein-Aircon 12V, in Düsseldorf it was possible to test the effectiveness and the new functions of the Plein-Aircon directly at the fair, with a special space developed to replicate the conditions of a vehicle equipped with 12V air conditioning. An experience that intrigued many participants and that in these days it is possible to live it again in Parma, where Italian camper lovers will meet at the Camper Show until 17 September, the second most important in Europe.