Fridom beyond the UTOPIA | SIA 2023

This year, in addition to being marked by the thrilling news of the fusion with InOut | The Contract Community, making it the new appointment for the contract community, the worldwide kermesse chose a theme that Indel B finds really close to home: UTOPIA.
Fridom was again one of the major protagonists of the event: the minibar family, design by Massimo Mussapi, is still leading the revolution of the hospitality industry and hotel excellences.
With 50 years of experience developing top cooling and refrigeration systems, Indel B brought a radical innovation with Fridom: it breaks all design rules, bringing the minibar out of its hiding place and transforming it into a piece of furniture that disregards gravity and finds its place under the spotlight. No structural constraints, just timeless design that embellishes every setting, maximised functionality, and minimal volume.
The Fridom range comes in five versions covering any structural need. They can be wall-mounted, countertop, and freestanding, with a timeless, minimalist design to enhance the value of the room. The reduced volume, especially in depth, doesn’t imply reduced capacity because of its optimised internal layout. Every space was accurately designed to house various beverages and snacks and ensure impeccable service.
Fridom’s shape solves the accessibility issues of traditional minibars, which people with reduced mobility find difficult to use. The various installation options make life much easier for the hotel’s cleaning and maintenance staff because it allows for more efficient and rapid cleaning.
The Timer Mode programs the compressor’s operation for a minimum of 6 hours over 24 hours, thus reducing the overall energy consumption. The Smart Mode turns the compressor on and off depending on whether the guest is in the room or not. This system requires an Energy Saver in the room. In case the room is left unattended for more than 24 hours, the minibar automatically goes into Eco Mode, thus allowing up to an additional 30% energy saving.
Indel B has always been sinonymous with sustainability and energy efficiency, adopting a green approach in compliance the environmental protection standards and regulations. Fridom is equipped with Indel B’s patented ecosmart compressor technology that allows unparalleled energy savings while ensuring high efficiency and silent operation. Moreover, it can be switched off automatically or through home automation systems. Assuming that a traditional absorption minibar has an average energy consumption of around 700 W/24h, with Fridom the energy impact drops to 134 W/24h, thus ensuring significant savings for the facility.

The time of UTOPIA was born from a profoundly transformed context. For businesses, the time of UTOPIA is when the ability to create new product solutions capable of responding to the urgencies and sensitivities of a new time is put into play.

This is why Indel B’s Fridom resonates with SIA’s UTOPIA: it is something that went beyond what was considered to be possible, and made it a new reality capable of changing the industry forever. Indel B wants to express the most sincere gratitude for everyone, the many Italian and international hotel managers, who came to visit us at SIA Rimini, HALL D1 BOOTH 029, and stepped into our universe embracing the change.