In the hotel and interior design sector Indel B is the only producer offering minibar fridges designed with three different refrigerant systems capable of satisfying the needs of every client.

  • The compressor minibar where tradition and innovation coexist as they were designed to completely eliminate noise during times of rest and sleep;
  • The absorption minibar, that produces cold in absolute silence;
  • The thermoelectric minibar that thanks to Its limited energy consumption, Its low weight and the fact that it can operate at any angle of inclination, It is a valid alternative products for the cruise ship.


Indel B’s minibars are innovative also in terms of consumption: the new K ECOSMART minibar were the first compressor refreshment center in the world to obtain the A+++ Class energy efficiency rating.

Indel B’s refreshment-centers are used in hotel rooms, luxury cruise-ship cabins and hospitality facilities, such as country house, but also in clinics, offices and hotel contractor.

Indel B miniBars are in compliance with European Energy Efficiency Regulation 643/2009.

Check your saving with Ecosmart

Indel B is proud to introduce the most advanced solution which grants absolute quietness and an extremely low energy consumption. As a matter of fact, K ECOSMART minibars are the ones in energy efficiency class A+++. They absorb 77% less energy than traditional hotel’s minibars, they are environment-care designed and at the same time they grant a significant economic saving.
All Indel B K EcoSmart miniBars are in compliance with European Energy Efficiency Regulation 643/2009.


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