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The Hotel room TV product line by Indel B is a real delight for the eyes and delivers maximum comfort within the hotel room hence providing guests with a more enjoyable stay.

Hotel room TV line by Indel B features a modern and elegant design and thanks to the use of LED technology, they are able to reduce energy consumption by over 40% proving to be seriously committed towards eco-sustainability.

Our Hotel room TV product line has been developed exclusively for hotel rooms and would be preferred to conventional devices as it is designed to allow hotel management to:

  • Reduce running costs. The integrated energy saving functions, during the life span of Hotel room TV, enable a saving of thousands of euro in running costs.
  • Save time. Hotel room TV range by Indel B has been designed to allow you to easily clone settings from one device to all the others installed in the hotel
  • Devote maximum care to the customer. It can be programmed to display a welcome message for the customer when turned on and set to a preferred channel with important information regarding the hotel and the surrounding area. Furthermore, in order to avoid potential problems, all Hotel room TV by Indel B are equipped with a volume block to avoid disturbing guests in adjacent rooms, a menu block that keeps the settings programmed on the device, and special remote controls from which the batteries cannot be removed

The various ranges and models available satisfy every requirement in terms of design and space. Hotels room TV by Indel B can be wall mounted or propped anywhere thanks to the practical support supplied.




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