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Case history

The new TB45HTAC offers two cooling systems: a compressor at 220V and a thermoelectric cooling system at 12V. The hybrid system allows at the same time to have the best from the 2 different solutions: the compressor at 220V allows you to set the cooler between +10⁰ C and -15⁰ C, regardless of the ambient temperature, while the 12V thermoelectric cooling system allows you to use the cooler when you are on the road reaching up to 20⁰ C below ambient temperature.
Moreover the TB45HTAC is featured by a a stainless steel front plate, integrated stury handles and a dedicated room for cord storage. It has a volume of 42 litres and enough space to fix easily 2 litres bottles.

Information Inquiry
Technical data
Height 480 mm
Width 520 mm
Depth 470 mm
Product Class from 21 to 50 litres
Type of installation Portable refrigerators
Gross Volume 42 L


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