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Sleeping Well: ecological system without CO2 emissions
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The Sleeping Well BACK PLUS, the big brother of the SW BACK, is the electric parking cooler that grants  even more coolness in the back of the cabin reaching up to 5400 BTU (capable to chill a room of 20 sqm). The evaporating unit is mounted high on the inside rear sleeper wall. The maximum air-conditioning performance can be achieved even with the sleeper curtain closed. The refrigerant connecting pipe length is adjustable and the external control unit is waterproof. In some cases it is not necessary to make a hole in the cabin to let the connection pipes go through. The Sleeping Well BACK PLUS is the battery powered electric air conditioning system almost aesthetically invisible as  the condensing unit is placed on the back of the cabin.



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Technical data
Height 696 mm (condensing unit) - 260 mm (evaporating unit)
Width 463 mm (condensing unit) - 626 mm (evaporating unit)
Depth 187,5 mm (condensing unit) - 108 mm (evaporating unit)
Type of installation Back electric parking air conditioners
Refrigerant power supplied 1600 Watt


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