The health of the environment has become a major priority. Indel B responsibly contributes to a cleaner world, by directing its research towards continuous innovation focused on energy saving and eco-sustainability.This is the time to give serious and credible answers to the market demand for products with low consumption that simultaneously can be called ‘green’.Choosing an environmentally friendly product should not cost more, in fact it is far from it. Investing in a highly energy efficient green product by Indel B can for example bring significant savings in terms of energy consumption from the first year of use throughout all its expected life.
Indel B is only involved in areas that require strong innovation. This is the added value of companies of the future.

LED TVs for hotels
Designed exclusively for the hospitality industry and equipped with a "hotel system", LED ultra-slim professional televisions are able to reduce energy consumption by 40%.
Sleeping Well: ecological system without CO2 emissions
Sleeping Well is the world’s first air-conditioning system for trucks meant to run with the vehicle’s engine turned off.


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