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The line of K SMART G minibars enables hoteliers to choose ecofriendly and ultra-quiet products of the last generation with an exclusive design. Thanks to the new compressors which offer best performance, with cyclopentane insulation, cooling gas (R134a) and the eutectic plate that keeps temperature constant at night (when compressor is OFF), K SMART G products are part of the A++ Energy Class with a consumption reduced by 66% compared to the leading absorption minibars on the market.

The electronic timer: sets the working phases of the compressor. Minimum 6 hrs over 24 (the energy consumption are extremely low).

The Smart System controls the turning on and off of the compressor based on the presence or absence of the guest in the room. The use of the Smart System requires the presence in the room of an Energy Saver device: a card-holder designed to save energy. To operate, the Smart System does not require any electronic timer or remote control.

*** G: Global 50/60 Hz ***

*** Not available in the EU member countries ***

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Technical data
Height 850 mm
Width 443 mm
Depth 521 mm
Product Class 40 lt
Voltage 115 or 230 V
Energy Efficiency Class A++
Power 75 W
Technology Compressor
Finishes With wooden cabinet
Lock and key Yes


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