Hotel Lock System

Indel B intelligent Hotel Lock System is specially designed to meet the needs of modern hotels: maximum security, individual style and low operation costs.

The electronic lock is available with 3 different technologies:
CHIP: the key is a chip card (contact card);
DUAL: the key can be magnetic or chip card;
PROXIMITY: the key is an RFID proximity card (contact-less).

The electronic lock is stand-alone (no wires) as it is powered by 4 standard AA batteries.

All our electronic locks are equipped with low voltage alert (< 4,2 V), deadbolt, latch with alarming function and anti-theft latch.The emergency mechanical key allow the unlocking by the mechanical key when the electronic system does not work. Finally, in emergency case, the deadbolt and latches are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy open (panic release). The Hotel Lock system  software is operator-friendly: the operator can manage it by simple training.


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